Record Pro Sounding Vocals in GarageBand iOS 2.3 (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this tutorial:
– Recording vocal tracks in GarageBand iOS
– Setting up to record vocals
– Setting up input and output volume/gain on an interface
– Direct monitoring vs GarageBand monitoring
– Recording vocal takes
– Editing vocal recordings
– Overdubbing vocals on existing tracks

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Tone Collection – New Guitar Amp Sounds in GarageBand iOS 2.3 (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this video:
– Sampling all the new Tone Collection guitar amp sounds in GarageBand iOS 2.3 (iPhone/iPad)
– Clean, Processed, Distorted and Crunchy sounds
– Changing guitar sounds in GarageBand

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Create Realistic Drum Tracks with Drummer – GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this tutorial:
– Using Drummer to create realistic sounding drum tracks for your projects
– Editing drum sections
– Setting parameters in Drummer
– Adjusting the amount of fills
– Selecting snare and kick drum patterns
– Adjusting cymbal, hi-hat and tom drum settings

Check out my complete Drummer tutorial

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Pete Johns Music – 2017 Update

Well, 2017 has been a very busy and fulfilling year so far, and we still have six weeks in the bank!

I took three months off from my full-time day job to spend time with my family and follow some creative endeavours, including producing many more videos for my YouTube channel Studio Live Today.


I have released five recording projects, including two EPs and three singles.

  • In March, I recorded and released my first EP “Recoil“, which was recorded in one month completely in GarageBand on my iPhone. The end result wasn’t perfect, but it was so good to actually finish and release music, instead of sitting on a pile of songs that were anywhere from 10% to 90% finished. You can take a look at the recording and mixing process in my video series.
  • My next release in July was a single which featured my wife Georgie on lead vocals; a cover of the Josh Abrahams 90s classic “Addicted to Bass“. It was so much fun working on this song and I was super proud of Georgie considering it was her first time recording and releasing a song.
  • August saw me pull an old EP called “Family” from the archives and give it a quick remastering before releasing on August 31st. The album is a collection of songs written for, not surprisingly, my family, and though you can tell that my music production skills were a little lacking at the time, the end result is still something I’m proud of.
  • In September, I finally released a song I had first recorded over a year ago called “Be Cool“. The single was released on September 10th along with a video that shows me recording the guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. The drums were actually recorded a year earlier by Nicolas Bonneyrat, who I hired to record what was a very cool drum track.
  • In October, I decided to enter a songwriting competition for VIP Members of the web site Home Studio Corner, hosted by Joe Gilder. The competition was to record a song using just four tracks, something that I was familiar with from my very early recording days. The resulting song actually won the competition, which I was super stoked with, and I was so proud of the end result that I decided to release the song “Anxiety” in all its four track glory. I also produced a video for the track, which borders somewhere between cheesy and interesting – I’ll let you decide!
  • Here in November I am working on a departure from the laid back singer/songwriter tracks I have been releasing and have a new project which should be out by the end of the year or close to it – more on that to come!

Pete Johns Music on Facebook

  • In September, I finally created a central home for my music on the web, and decided on Facebook. As well as posting links to all of my officially released music, I also provided some Facebook exclusive content
  • On September 22nd, my cover of the Hunters & Collectors classic “Holy Grail“, which included footage of the 1997 Adelaide Crows premiership playing in the background, proved popular with Crows fans who were cheering their team on towards the Grand Final. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get them over the line.
  • On September 29th, I covered the Traveling Wilburys classic “Handle With Care“, which came sadly just a week before Tom Petty’s untimely passing.
  • Back in April, before I created the page, I used my personal page to share an Anzac day tribute video covering the classic Aussie song “I Was Only 19“, which was a very raw recording but was received well.

Video Creation

One of my goals for 2017 was to improve my video production and editing skills and produce as much quality content as possible. The results have been very pleasing.

Studio Live Today

  • Studio Live Today has grown from a blog with 3 posts and a YouTube channel with less than 50 subscribers, to a channel with more than 500 subscribers and 120,000+ views
  • In 2017, I have produced 50 videos focused mainly on GarageBand but also covering other music and recording topics
  • The process of producing so many tutorial, “how to” and music production videos has helped my own skills and knowledge no end, and the encouragement I have received through the comments from those watching has really motivated me to continue.

Two Dollar Looker

  • In July 2017, I had the somewhat unformed idea of a web show where I purchased items on eBay for less than $2, then opened and reviewed the items once they arrived
  • In October 2017, “Two Dollar Looker” was born and my wife Georgie kindly agreed collaborate on the project as well as co-host.
  • We have produced more than 20 episodes and while we are still working to find our audience, we have a blast making and editing the shows, and our kids are pretty impressed with some of the fun items that we end up with.

So, looking back on 2017 I feel very inspired and privileged to be in the position I am, and am looking forward to the rest of the year and 2018 just around the corner.


Files in GarageBand 2.3 & iOS 11 – Complete Guide (iCloud, Copy, Backup)

The complete guide to using the new “Files” app integration in GarageBand 2.3 on iOS11 is here! Check out the time links in the video description on YouTube to find solutions to the most common file management tasks in GarageBand iOS 2.3 on iPad and iPhone.

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Covered in this GarageBand for iOS Deep Dive:
– 00:56 What is the new “Files” app integration in GarageBand 2.3
– 01:38 Differences between iPhone and iPad

Navigating the “Recent” tab:
– 02:12 Opening projects
– 02:40 Accessing file options
– 03:03 Viewing all projects using “See All”
– 03:26 Sorting by name or date
– 03:38 Viewing as list or icon
– 03:52 Searching for projects

Navigating the “Browse” tab
– 04:58 The “Locations” menu
– 05:19 The “Favourites” menu
– 05:37 The “Tags” menu
– 05:53 The files window

– 06:23 Editing the list of locations
– 06:43 Adding and removing locations
– 07:01 Changing the order of locations
– 07:29 Why other cloud services aren’t supported
– 08:27 The “Recently Deleted” location
– 09:06 Recovering and permanently deleting files

– 09:32 How Favourites work
– 09:56 Adding a favourite folder

– 11:06 Editing tag names
– 11:46 Changing the order of tags
– 12:04 Deleting tags
– 12:32 Creating new tags
– 13:27 Adding tags to a song

“On My iPhone/iPad” Location:
– 14:33 Adding a new folder
– 15:20 Moving songs in to a folder
– 15:37 Sorting options (Name, Date, Size, Tags)
– 16:20 Viewing options (Icons, List)
– 16:38 Creating a new project (document)

File Actions:
– 17:30 Accessing the actions list
– 18:01 Copy a file to another location
– 19:04 Duplicate a file in the same location
– 20:01 Rename a file
– 20:32 Move a file to another location
– 21:36 Delete a file
– 22:00 Share a file (song, ringtone or project)
– 22:29 Add or edit tags for a file
– 22:55 View file info (information) for a file
– 23:39 Selecting multiple files
– 24:11 Quick access menu for multiple files (Share, Duplicate, Move/Copy, Delete)

iCloud Drive:
– 24:57 Copying files to iCloud Drive
– 26:32 “Upload” icon in iCloud Drive
– 27:29 “Download” icon in iCloud Drive
– 28:53 How to identify that a file is up to date in iCloud Drive
– 29:15 Conflicts between devices

Sharing Files:
– 29:41 Exporting a song as an audio file (iTunes AAC, AIF, WAV)
– 31:16 Sending files to iTunes
– 31:53 Exporting a ringtone
– 32:46 Exporting a project file
– 33:37 Why exporting project files is not needed
– 34:23 iTunes file sharing integration
– 34:56 The GarageBand File Transfer Folder

– 37:36 Download and Upload Errors
– 39:23 Different GarageBand Versions and iCloud Drive errors
– 41:00 Sound packs and errors when not downloaded

Copy Files to iCloud Drive in GarageBand for iOS 2.3 – Understand the Basics (iPhone/iPad/iOS11)

Covered in this GarageBand for iOS (iPhone/iPad) quick tip:
– Using the new “Files” app integration in GarageBand iOS v2.3
– Copying files from an iPhone/iPad to iCloud Drive
– Syncing GarageBand project files between iOS devices
– Understanding the icons in iCloud Drive (uploading, downloading)
– Renaming project files
– Managing conflicts between devices

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Hockey Announcing Live Audio Setup – Using iPad, Mixer, Microphone & Laptop

In this video, I take you behind the scenes and show the live audio and video rig I use to run the audio and video at National league ice hockey games here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Covered in this video:
– Equipment used
– Using a Tascam US125 interface for audio mixing
– Connecting to the ice rink’s PA
– Microphone use
– Mixing audio and video sources

Tascam US-125M Audio Interface –
Adelaide Rush Ice Hockey –
Adelaide Adrenaline Ice Hockey –
Adelaide IceArena –

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GarageBand Help in iOS (iPhone/iPad) – Using the Help Function in GarageBand

Covered in this GarageBand for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Quick Tip:
– Using the help function to access the user manual and contextual help in GarageBand iOS

GarageBand for iPad Guide (Help File/Manual) –

GarageBand for iPhone Guide (Help File/Manual) –

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