#Songtember 2022

#Songtember 2022 Video Playlist
Submit your #Songtember song to the special #Songtember YML (Your Music Live)

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Submit your #Songtember song to our special YML (Your Music Live) episode:

  • YML is our weekly showcase of indie music
  • At the end of #Songtember we will have a special edition of YML with ALL your #Songtember tunes.
  • Once your song is done, submit it at studiolivetoday.com/ymlst

What is #Songtember?

  • #Songtember is an opportunity for YOU to create, record and release your own song entirely in the month of September.

Friends of #Songtember

How does it work?

  • To participate, just start creating a new song beginning on September 1st, and follow along with other creators in the communities linked above.

What are the rules?

  1. Create a new song completely in the month of September 2022 (you can use an idea from prior to September if you like)
  2. Finish your song (any genre, any length, instrumental or vocals) and have it finished and released by September 30th, 2022
  3. You can simply release to Soundcloud or YouTube, or release using a distributor (I recommend DistroKid) to release to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon and others
  4. We will celebrate with a special edition of Your Music Live devoted just to Songtember tunes, like this one from 2021.


  • Finishing songs is a great way to not only get a sense of achievement, but to gain valuable experience and feedback through sharing your song with others
  • Once you complete and release your first song, you can use the experience and insights gained to continue making MORE songs, and the more music we have in the world, the better

Create, Record, Release.

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