What are the websites, apps and resources I use and recommend here on Studio Live Today? – design images and videos for anything and everything! I use the Pro version of Canva for video thumbnails, album art, Instagram posts and more

StreamYard – stream live to YouTube Facebook and more with ease from desktop or mobile, including banners, screen sharing, multiple guests and chat displays.

TubeBuddy – chrome extension that helps YouTube video creators like me research topics, and write tags, descriptions and titles that help viewers find my videos.

TransferWise – money transfer and management tool which provides me with bank accounts in the US, UK and Europe to receive payments from folks in other countries!

DistroKid – release music to Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more for less than US$20 per year. 7% off your first year using this link.

MasterClass – learn about music and a heap of other topics from the pros in each field. Tom Morello’s guitar course and Hans Zimmer teaching film scoring are highlights.

Note: link provided on this page are affiliate links, meaning a commission may be paid to me if you choose to use these services.



Create, Record, Release.

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