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New 2022 iPads (1 minute update)
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Recommended iPads (October 2022):

Best performance:

iPad (10th Gen) – USB-C, 10.9″ screen, A14 chip
iPad Mini (6th Gen) – USB-C, 8.3″ screen, A15 chip
iPad Pro (6th Gen) – USB-C/Thunderbolt, 11″/12.9″ screen, M2 chip

Best all-rounders:

iPad (9th Gen) – Lightning, 10.2″ screen, A13 chip
iPad Pro (3rd Gen) – USB-C, 11″/12.9″ screen, A12 chip
iPad Pro (4th Gen) – USB-C, 11″/12.9″ screen, A12Z chip

Best budget:

iPad Air (3rd Gen) – Lightning, 10.5″ screen, A12 chip
iPad Mini (5th Gen) – Lightning, 7.9″ screen, A12 chip
iPad Pro (2nd Gen) – Lightning, 10.5″/12.9″ screen, A10 chip

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Recommended iPad accessories are listed on my gear guide.

Note: the links above are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase a small commission will be paid to me.

What to look for?

  • Screen size – do you want a smaller screen like the iPad mini, or the large 12.9″ screen of the iPad Pro?
  • Speed – processor and RAM (memory) – the faster the better for music production – go for the best you can afford
  • Storage – recommended is at least 64gb and if your budget can stretch, 128gb or more
  • Connections – all current iPad models now use USB-C connections, and don’t have headphone jacks. If you want Lightning and headphones, look for the 9th Gen iPad or 2nd Gen iPad Pro

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