iPhone Buyer’s Guide

Why I bought the iPhone 12 Pro in February 2021

Recommended iPhones (June 2022):

Minimum Specs:
iPhone 7/Plus
iPhone 8/Plus
iPhone XR

Solid Performance:
iPhone SE (2nd gen)
iPhone XS
iPhone 11

Best Performance:
iPhone 12 Pro/Max
iPhone 13/mini
iPhone 13 Pro/Max

eBay Search for “iPhone”

iPhone Comparison Chart:

Studio Live Today iPhone Buyer’s Guide v2.5

What to look for?

  • Use the chart above to find the right iPhone for you
  • Screen size – do you want a smaller screen like the standard iPhones, or a larger one like the Plus/Max models?
  • Storage – recommended is at least 128gb – 256gb+ if your budget can stretch
  • Speed – processor and RAM (memory) – the faster the better for music production – go for the best you can afford
  • Connections – do you want a headphone jack and lighting port? All iPhones from iPhone 7 have only a lightning port

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