DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Explained – Studio Jargon Busters #1

Welcome to our brand new series here on Studio Live Today where we take a commonly used studio or audio term that it not so commonly understood.

In this episode, we explore the world of Digital Audio Workstations, also known as DAWs.

Covered in this video:
1. Who are we and why are we here?
2. What is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?
3. Examples of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
4. History of Digital (and Analog) Workstations – tape machines, mixing desks and consoles
5. Early home studio equipment – 4-track cassette recorders and hard drive recorders
6. Multi-tracking and overdubbing
7. Modern recording software using audio interfaces

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Time Signatures in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad) – Quick Jaam #31

In this video, I take a look at how to set time signatures and some of the options related to time signatures in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this video:

1. Setting the time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8)
2. Can you change the time signature in a project?
3. Recording your own metronome track for unsupported time signatures
4. Loops and time signatures
5. Smart instruments and time signatures

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Fade Out Tracks – Use Automation and Fade-out in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

In this GarageBand iOS (iPad/iPhone) quick tip, I show you two ways to make your songs sound clean, professional and radio ready by creating great sounding fade outs.

Covered in this video:
1. Using the automatic Fade-out option in GarageBand
2. Using Automation to create your own custom fade-out for each track

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Panning Automation – https://youtu.be/lyIYr6Bs7CI
Remove Vocal Breaths with Automation – https://youtu.be/cDCNME30NaU

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Acoustic Performance of my New Song “Sin” – Song in a Week Challenge

My first attempt at playing a fully acoustic version of my new song “Sin”, plus I give some information about the meaning behind the not-so-subtle lyrics.

Check out the full Song-in-a-Week series here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc8Xg_23Wa55eiL2VVcU_-S-cXO1aNwC1

Listen to the full band version here – https://soundcloud.com/petejohns/sin

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Audio Interfaces – Which One is Right for You? (USB, iOS, Mac, PC)

In this video, I give some information that will help you decide what audio interface is right for you, by going through the history of all the interfaces I have owned over the past ten years.

The interfaces I cover are:

DigiTech USB Interface

Tascam US-125M – $50-100 (Not Longer Sold)

Steinberg UR12 – US$99.99 (amazon.com)

Tascam iXZ – US$39.99 (amazon.com)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 – US$149.99 (amazon.com)

Steinberg UR44 – US$201.99 (amazon.com)

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Steinberg UR44 Unboixing – https://youtu.be/S3uzx5WUQOY
Tascam iXZ overview – https://youtu.be/FBX-BmsMjms
iOS Recording Setup (using Steinberg UR12) – https://youtu.be/wKzYsIjiw-g

If you have you own views or opinions, or your own favourite interfaces, let me know if the comments.

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Copy and Paste – Powerful Editing in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad) – GarageBand iOS Quick Tip

In this GarageBand iOS (iPad/iPhone) quick tip, I take you through some simple and more advanced editing techniques using the copy, paste and looping functions in GarageBand iOS.

Covered in this video:
1. Selecting multiple items
2. Copying audio items
3. Pasting copies of items to new locations
4. Using Looping to repeat parts

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