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FREE AUv3 (Audio Unit) plugins and effects for iOS (iPad/iPhone) – updated 22nd December, 2020.

(All apps are universal, meaning they are iPhone and iPad compatible, unless otherwise indicated)

Got a free plugin that isn’t listed, or any broken links? Email me –

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*NEW* Top 10 FREE plugins of 2020

Top FREE iOS plugins for 2020 (video)

Analog Rack Chorus – Nembrini (chorus) – DownloadVideo

Analog Rack Cleaner – Nembrini (noise reduction) – DownloadVideo

Analog Rack Delay – Nembrini (delay) – Download – Video

Analog Rack Noise Gate – Nembrini (noise gate) – DownloadVideo

Crunck V2 – Nembrini (guitar amp sim) – DownloadVideo

CuSnP (reverberant string) – Download – Video coming soon

DC-9 Overdrive (distortion) – Download – Video coming soon

DLYM (Delay Modulator) – Download – Video

F-16 Filter (filter/EQ) – Download – Video coming soon

Filterstep (rhythmic filter) – Download

Gyrovibe (vibrato/chorus) – Download – Video coming soon

LRC5 (EQ) – DownloadVideo

PhaseDelayArray (reverb) – Download – Video

Resampler Bitcrusher (bitcrusher) – Download – Video coming soon

RoughRider 3 (compressor) – DownloadVideo

Stereo Lag Time (stereo delay) – DownloadVideo

SVEP – Klevgrand (stereo modulation) – Download

Tape Cassette 2 (tape emulation) – DownloadVideo

Tonebridge (guitar fx) – DownloadVideo

Viking Synth (synth) – Download – Video coming soon

Wider – Infected Mushroom (stereo widener) –DownloadVideo

Zero Reverb (reverb) – DownloadVideo

Zero Chorus (chorus) – DownloadVideo

FuzzPlus (distrortion) – (No longer available)

Create, Record, Release.

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