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Multi-Track Recording in GarageBand for iPhone – Recording Guitar and Vocals on Separate Tracks

Covered in this Quick Tip GarageBand for iPhone Tutorial:

  • Recording multiple sources at the same time on multiple tracks in GarageBand for iOS.

Audio interface used is a Steinberg UR-12 – check out my review here:

My Favoutite New iOS/USB Audio Interface – Steinberg UR12


Garage Band for iPhone – New Features in Version 2.2

I’m back!

And just in time to cover the brand new version of Garage Band for iOS which was released just last month.

I have seven (count ’em!) brand new videos going through all the new features of this amazing update, including:

Check out the individual videos by clicking the links above, or watch them all right below or at the following link:

Garage Band for iPhone – New Features in Version 2.2

Be cool.


Garageband for iPhone Quick Tips

Our series of Garageband for iPhone Quick Tip Tutorials continues to grow.

Jump over to the Studio Live Today YouTube Channel to view all the latest content.

Our latest videos help you understand how to use the amazing Inter-App Audio features within Garageband to record audio from other apps directly in to Garageband.

We also cover some of the new featured in the new Garageband version 2.1 such as the very cool new FX feature.

Music Memos – Apple’s newest music creation app is available now

Apple launched their latest music creation app “Music Memos” in January 2016 and it is super fun!

Take a look at my quick tips and full tutorial videos on the Studio Live Today YouTube Channel.

Check out what Apple have to say about it on their web site.

Read Apple’s help section to get the basics.

The Studio Live Today complete tutorial will help you get started with this awesome new app: