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Hockey Announcing Live Audio Setup – Using iPad, Mixer, Microphone & Laptop

In this video, I take you behind the scenes and show the live audio and video rig I use to run the audio and video at National league ice hockey games here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Covered in this video:
– Equipment used
– Using a Tascam US125 interface for audio mixing
– Connecting to the ice rink’s PA
– Microphone use
– Mixing audio and video sources

Tascam US-125M Audio Interface –
Adelaide Rush Ice Hockey –
Adelaide Adrenaline Ice Hockey –
Adelaide IceArena –

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3 x Ways to Record Analog Instruments (Piano, Keyboard, Synth) in GarageBand on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this Quick Tip GarageBand for iPhone Tutorial:
– Recording an analog instrument such as a keyboard, piano or synthesizer using the built-in iPad/iPhone microphone
– Recording using an analog interface (Tascam iXZ)
– Recording using a digital/USB interface (Steinberg UR12)

My review of the Tascam iXZ –
My review of the Steinberg UR12 –
My mobile recording rig (including how to connect to the Steinberg UR12 or a similar USB/Lightning interface) –

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