New Version! GarageBand for iOS 2.3 First Look (iPad/iPhone)

Covered in this video:
– New features in Garage Band for iOS version 2.3
– New rock drummers (Anders – Hard Rock, Nikki – Indie Disco, Gavin – Indie Rock)
– New percussionists (Isabela – Latin, Quincy – Pop, Finn – Songwriter
– New touch instruments – Koto and Guzheng
– New drum kits – Latin, Japanese Taiko
T- one collection for guitar recording
– Edges and Angles – Future bass pack
– New beat sequencer kits (10 new drum sample kits!)
– 24 bit recording, mixing and exporting
– New Audiobus interface

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3 x Ways to Record Analog Instruments (Piano, Keyboard, Synth) in GarageBand on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Covered in this Quick Tip GarageBand for iPhone Tutorial:
– Recording an analog instrument such as a keyboard, piano or synthesizer using the built-in iPad/iPhone microphone
– Recording using an analog interface (Tascam iXZ)
– Recording using a digital/USB interface (Steinberg UR12)

My review of the Tascam iXZ –
My review of the Steinberg UR12 –
My mobile recording rig (including how to connect to the Steinberg UR12 or a similar USB/Lightning interface) –

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iOS Mobile Recording Rig – Portable Studio Setup for Under $300 (iPad/iPhone)

If you have wanted to get in to recording on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) but don’t know what gear you’ll need for a setup, this is the video for you.

Covered in this video:

  • Connecting a USB interface to an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Recording to and iOS device using a microphone
  • Powering a USB interface using an external battery
  • Using a lightning to USB adapter

Products used:

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5 x Essential Audio/Recording Podcasts for 2017

Five Essential Audio Recording Podcasts to Listen to in 2017.

In this video, I give you the five podcasts that I recommend as essential listening for anyone interested in home audio recording and the music recording industry:

Recording Studio Rockstars with Lij Shaw –
Bobby Owinski’s Inner Circle with Bobby Owinski –
The Mastering Show with Ian Shepherd and Jon Tidey –
Home Studio Corner (Ask Joe) with Joe Gilder –
Simply Recording with Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder –

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World Premiere of my New Single – “Be Cool” by Pete Johns

Something very different in this video, as I debut my brand new single “Be Cool” and give you a bit of background about the songwriting and recording process.

Pete Johns – Be Cool
– Pete Johns (Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass)
– Nicolas Bonneyrat (Drums)

Check out Nicolas’ drumming on his band’s channel here:

Try out the Reaper DAW (Digital Auadio Workstation) for free here:

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