10 x GarageBand issues that FRUSTRATE users

In this video, I break down the ten most frustrating issues that all GarageBand iOS users will be able to relate to.

Introduction m

What’s your biggest frustration? Let us know in the comments.

My top 10 GarageBand iOS frustrations:

10. Track view not available when recording
(Tip: multi-track recording – https://youtu.be/eRh8EC4gCas)
Links to audio interfaces at http://studiolivetoday.com/gear

09. MIDI importing
(Tip: use other DAW to edit first)
How to import MIDI in GarageBand – https://youtu.be/FoabwNwrcMY

08. Non-Apple gear not working
(Tip: buy Apple gear – https://amzn.to/2wnyqmL)
Why use genuine Apple adapters? – https://youtu.be/qt6ZczdUdV4

07. Tracks that stop working
(Tip: copy and paste to another track – https://youtu.be/1B20MewoQoU)

06. Can’t collaborate with Mac users
(Tip: export as stems from Mac)
How to export stems – https://youtu.be/v5IjOlTuVn0

Frustrations from LIVE viewers

05. No auto-save feature
(Tip: close and save projects often)
How to use version control – https://youtu.be/x50xT8g81DE

04. Auto-normalisation of exported tracks
(Tip: use the master volume hack – https://youtu.be/ngGA8iz0ncc)
Why are my GarageBand songs loud? – https://youtu.be/oe2m_kdtSVU
Mastering in GarageBand – https://youtu.be/AKPwwGjnN4w

03. When you accidentally move a track
(Tip: use a mouse with GarageBand – https://youtu.be/bLI2DO6kEXk)

02. No master track
(Tip: use the FX track to EQ – https://youtu.be/8A3Drb8-X6o)

Frustrations from the Studio Live Today community.

01. Optimizing Performance
(Tip: how to avoid it – https://youtu.be/AcZSGhSvBaE)

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