Complete guide to USB microphones

In this video, I answer the most common questions about USB microphones to help YOU choose the best mic for your needs.

USB Mics mentioned in this video:
Samson Q2U (dynamic) –
Samson Meteor (condenser) –
Audio Technica AT2100-USB (dynamic) –
Blue Yeti Nano (condenser) –
Samson Co1U Pro (condenser) –
Audio Technica AT2020USBi (condenser) –
Blue Yeti (condenser) –
Note – Links provided in this video description are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to purchase products using these links, a small commission may be paid to me for referring you.

Check out “Podcastage” for detailed reviews and specs of USB mics –

Questions answered:
00:58 What is a USB mic?
01:55 How does a USB mic work?
02:44 What can I use a USB mic to record?
03:48 How do you connect a USB mic?
04:58 How are USB mics powered?
06:00 Do you need to install drivers?
06:35 Can you use a USB mic with a phone or tablet?
07:20 Can you use more than one USB mic at once?
08:46 What is the difference in quality between different USB mics?
09:54 Are USB microphones condenser or dynamic mics?
11:06 What features should I look for in a USB mic?
12:39 Should I choose a USB or XLR mic?
14:10 What are the advantages of a USB mic?
14:57 What are the disadvantages of a USB mic?
16:04 My current 7 best USB mics
16:28 Samson Q2U (dynamic) –
17:50 Samson Meteor (condenser) –
18:55 Audio Technica AT2100-USB (dynamic) –
19:39 Blue Yeti Nano (condenser) –
20:17 Samson Co1U Pro (condenser) –
21:02 Audio Technica AT2020USBi (condenser) –
22:35 Blue Yeti (condenser) –
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