Are you good enough?

Is that even the right question to ask?

In this video I break down why this is such a common question asked by music creators, and try to help you understand how to rephrase this question in to something productive.

The key things to remember about being “good enough”
1. “Good” is 100% subjective. What is good to you may be bad to someone else and vice versa!
2. You can’t determine if you are “good enough” if you haven’t defined what you are trying to actually achieve
3. Other people will give you feedback based on what THEY are trying to achieve, not what your are
4. If you are asking this question, you are showing humility and a willingness to be learn, develop and grow – these are good things!
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One thought on “Are you good enough?”

  1. Sadly, some parents convey to their children instead the impression that “no matter how good you are, it will never be enough.” Ignoring children, excessively criticizing them or being mean to them teaches children that something about them is inherently


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