Pete Johns – We’re Trying to Have a Society Here (Lyric Video)

“We’re Trying to Have a Society Here” is a song by Pete Johns, recorded 100% in GarageBand on my iPhone. The video was created on iPhone using LumaFusion.

Watch the channel for information about when the song will be released on streaming platforms, but for now, here’s the complete lyric video.
== Lyrics ==

What’s the matter with people these days?
They’re trying to be something more
They worrying more about what people say
Than who they can do something for

We’re trying to have a society here
But they only care about how they appear

What’s the matter with people these days?
They don’t seem to do what they feel
They’re busy complaining ‘bout their dead end job
And missing out on what is real

And we’re trying to have a society here
But they only care about outward veneer
To make other people think they got it made
When everyone knows they’re just trying to get

What’s the matter with people these days?
They don’t seem to care what is right
They’re making excuses and passing the blame
So let’s make a toast
And share one more post
For the strangers who don’t even care
== Behind the song ==

This song was written for a “Song Spark” challenge where the goal was to write a song that was kind of “out there” in terms of it’s melody and hook. I had the line “we’re trying to have a society here” in my head and really wanted to write a hook around this. (The line is from a Seinfeld episode and expressed by George Costanza, one of my favourite characters”.

Musically, I wanted to do something different there too, so decided to write 100% on the piano and include absolutely no guitars in the song – something I have rarely done! Because I am a mediocre pianist, I wrote the song in C major, which actually worked out well for the melody and my vocal range.

The rest of the instrumentation is very simple – just an organ for some pads, some basic drums and a few tracks of vocal harmonies to complement the lead vocals.

Lyrics? Well, they speak for themselves I think. This song is a message to people who are caring too much about creating their “online persona” and making the world think their lives are amazing, instead of sharing their real passions. This relates to my passion about people creating their best music – the sort of music THEY want to hear, not what is popular or what they think others want to hear.
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