Pete Johns – New Day

“New Day” is a track from my 2018 album “Self(ish) Aware”. Check it out at or your favourite streaming platform.

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== Lyrics ==

There was a time when we used to play outside
And didn’t worry who was around
We were free and we didn’t have a care
About the things we put in the air

But those days are gone
They have floated away
Now I’m moving on
No more yesterday
Because it’s gone, and it’s a new day

There was a time when the women folk stayed home
To care for all the little ones
And you and I, well we had to live in fear
Just because the way we appear

But those days are gone
They have floated away
Now I’m moving on
No more yesterday
Because it’s gone, and it’s a new day

(New day coming)
(New day coming)
(New day coming)
(New day coming)

Everyone needs a little comfort when they reflect
On all the good times that we had and how they felt
But when we look back we have our rose coloured glasses on
So let’s take the best of what we had and make a
new day

Hello darkness my old friend
Your busy day is at end end
Is this just a fantasy
No escape from reality
== Behind the song ==

Like many of my more recent songs, “New Day” was written as part of a “Song Spark” challenge. (Check our the Song Spark group here –

The premise for the month in question was to write a song about or in the style of your decade of birth. For me, that was the 70s. (Just… 1979 in fact)

I wanted to write a song about the contrasts between old and new, as we seem to be caught between folks who want everything to be exactly like it was in the “good ol’ days” and those who don’t respect what can be learned from the past.

“New Day” suggests that we should celebrate the good things about the past, but be careful not to have our “rose coloured glasses on”, because the past also included a lot of prejudice and hardship. The concept is simple – don’t try to recreate the past and resist change, but take what you have learned from the past and combine it with the amazing changes in society and technology in order to “make a new day”.

The chord pattern in this one is quite simple and uses my favourite little go-to Bm7 to Am7 transition. G major is one of the keys I write in the most as it suits my voice and, let’s be honest, is easy to play! I’m most proud of the piano motif in this one as it really complements the acoustic guitar in the bridge sections. I think the backing vocals sit nicely in the mix too.

If I was going to change anything, it would be the acoustic guitars. Finger-style guitar is notoriously hard to get sounding good, and while this is an okay recording, I could have spent more time getting the tone just right.

This is one of my favourite songs to play live because it sounds good with just acoustic guitar and voice and I can pick up and play it without amplification. I hope you enjoyed it.
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