Pete Johns – What You Deserve

Pete Johns – What You Deserve

Mastered with Grand Finale by Klevgrand – here’s the video –
Guitars recorded using STARK by Klevgrand – here’s the video –
== Lyrics ==

Put yourself
Ahead of me
It’s just way
You’ll always be

You can win
So others lose
Talk is easy
It’s hard to choose

Never had
A heart of gold
So it don’t matter
What you sold

Throw away
What other need
You cause pain
While Others bleed

You better watch out
For what what you wish for
‘Cause if you’re not too careful
You just might get what you deserve

It’s asinine
Just what you do
You blame the world
For hurting you

But you don’t see
Outside your door
It’s easier
To just ignore

You better watch watch out
You better get down on your knees and pray
‘Cause if you’re not too careful
One day you’ll be down here with us

Heart race
Wet palms
All rage
No calm
White guilt
No way
Buy more
Too late

Market crash
No cash
Big debt
No stash
No friends
No hope

You better watch out
Or you’ll get just what you deserve
You better watch out
Or you’ll get what you deserve
== Behind the song ==

This track was recorded as part of the “Song Spark Collective” group’s monthly challenge to use the clave beat to be the backbone of a song.

I originally had the clave beat right there in the song which you can hear in some of the original recordings here –

The guitars and bass are the drivers behind this song and they were recorded using the very excellent STARK amp sim, which you can check out in the videos already linked here. STARK provides the most realistic guitar tones I have come across in iOS!

The lyrics in this song tell the story of folks who spend too much time looking out for themselves and don’t look around to see if there’s anyone struggling that might need some help. The message in this one is that you need to be careful how you treat other people, as you may end up needing help yourself, which is what happens to the song’s subject in the breakdown towards the end where their life starts to spiral down and they start to realise that they have become one of the people they have been looking down on and ignoring.
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