How to use Music Memos on iPhone/iPad – Complete Tutorial

How to use Music Memos on iPhone/iPad – Complete Tutorial

Do you want to capture your song ideas using your iPhone (or iPad)? Music Memos could be the app for you. Unlike a regular voice memos app, Music Memos not only captures the audio, it then determines the tempo and likely chords, creates a grid, and even allows you to add drums and bass to your song.

In this video, I give you a complete guide to every feature in Music Memos so that you can get up and running quickly and easily with this excellent app.

However, if you’re low on time, below are timestamps to help you navigate to exactly what you want to learn.

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Pro tip! Use an iRig of audio interface with Music Memos
01:03 – How to download Music Memos
01:20 – Difference between iPhone and iPad
01:30 – Recording a song idea
02:08 – Playing back a song idea
02:22 – Add bass to a song idea
02:39 – Add drums to a song idea
03:04 – Using AUTO mode
03:30 – Using the Guitar Tuner
03:50 – Using the Inbox view
04:05 – How to access detail mode
04:16 – Adjusting settings for iCloud and Chord symbols
05:24 – How to use “Edit Time”
05:35 – Adjusting the tempo
06:13 – Adjusting the time signature
06:27 – Adjusting the downbeat
07:20 – How to use “Edit Chords” mode
07:43 – How to change a chord (suggested and custom)
08:19 – Adjusting the chord sections (add/change/delete)
09:23 – Loop playback
10:06 – How to use “Trim idea”
10:42 – How to use “Note” mode – capo and tuning
11:45 – How to use “Share” mode (basics)
12:01 – How to use tags
12:27 – How to delete a song idea
12:34 – How to use the smart bass and drums
15:00 – How to use the ideas browser
15:15 – How to play an idea for the browser
15:24 – How to enable and disable bass and drums
15:34 – How to delete an idea
15:40 – How to rate a song idea
15:54 – How to search your song ideas
16:12 – Share ideas (detailed)
16:37 – Share ideas to Files (mix, audio file, GarageBand)
17:36 – How to export from Music Memos to GarageBand
19:36 – Pro Tip – use GarageBand as a metronome in Music Memos
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