Tom Hanks and the power of perseverance

Tom Hanks and the power of perseverance

Do you like Tom Hanks? Even if you don’t, you have to respect the long career and dozens of movies he has made over the years.

But you know what? Not every Tom Hanks movie is a hit. In fact, some of just downright awful. Have you SEEN Joe vs the Volcano?

So what does this have to do with music creation? Well, what Tom Hanks HAS done is persevered. When he made movies that were not good, he went back and made more. When his movies flopped and the box office, he learnt from it and made sure he picked a better movie next time.

How does this help you with your music creation?

It’s like this. Sometimes you will make music that SUCKS. I’ve made terrible music and some of your favourite artists have made terrible music. In fact, you simple MUST make terrible music if you want to make great music.

Why? Because terrible music helps us learn what does NOT work, which is just as important as what DOES work. If you don’t make bad music, you are probably not experimenting. You are probably not trying new things. And you are probably not prepared to fail.

And failure is super important when you are working towards your best music.

So keep making music. Keep experimenting. And eventually your “The Burbs” will eventually become your own “Saving Private Ryan”.
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