How to master songs on an iPad using Final Touch – Overview

How to master songs on an iPad using Final Touch – Overview

In the first video in my 8 part series covering how to master using the Final Touch app on iPad, I show you how to get started with mastering on the iPad.

Final Touch is a mastering application made by Positive Grid, which provides a comprehensive suite of mastering plugins which enable you to master your songs using just your iPad.

The modules included with Final Touch include:
1. Pre EQ – an 8 band parametric EQ
2. Reverb – a high quality reverb effect
3. Dynamics – a multi-band compressor module
4. Stereo Imager – a plugin to help widen (or narrow) your stereo mix
5. Post EQ – a second 8 band parametric EQ
6. Maximizer – a brick wall limited plug-in to help increase your track’s volume

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