Should you change your DAW? (Digital Audio Workstation)

Should you change or upgrade your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?

Well in this video, I give you my three best reasons why you SHOULD change, as well as three reasons why you should NOT.

Why you should change to a different DAW:
1. Your current DAW does not have a feature that will help you make better music
2. You are collaborating with people, or working in a studio, which uses a specific DAW
3. Your workflow would suit a particular type of DAW, such as one that support loops and samples over analog recordings

Why you should NOT change to a different DAW:
1. You want to create “better” music and think a new DAW will make your recordings sound better
2. You want to be a “professional” and have heard that pros only use ProTools (or another DAW)
3. Someone has told your that one DAW is “better” than another

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