How to reduce microphone bleed in your recordings

What is microphone bleed? And how do you reduce microphone bleed in your recordings?

In this video, I give your my best five tips for how to get less bleed from your headphones in to your microphone when recording multi-track audio.

Mic bleed occurs when you are playing back audio in headphones and recording with a microphone. The mic picks up some of the original recording as well as your new recording as it is “bleeding” out of the headphones. There are a few techniques to reduce this microphone bleed however.

1. Use closed back headphones (like the Sennheiser HD280 Pro) – this isolated the playback sound and reduced the amount captured by the mic
2. Increase your distance from the mic – this lowers the volume of any playback bleed that is captured
3. Use a pair of earbuds – if you can’t justify a good pair of closed back headphones, earbuds can also provide great isolation when recording
4. Reduce your playback volume – loud playback causes more bleed, so drop the volume down to reduce this
5. Don’t worry – bleed has been around as long as multi-track overdubbing, and doesn’t generally impact the quality of your overall mix too much

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