Best microphones for the home studio under $100

Check out this microphone pack on Amazon:
MXL 550/551 Condenser Microphone Pack –

Best microphones for the home studio under $100

In this video, I show you my recommendation for a good quality, affordable studio condenser microphone that will help you get quality recordings in the home studio or mobile studio.

The MXL 550 and MXL 551 microphones come together in their own hard case, and include the mic clips and adapters in the box, so all you need is an XLR cable and an interface, and you’ll be recording quality sounds.

Like all condenser microphones, the MXL 550 and MXL 551 require 48v of phantom power, which is supplied by almost all modern interfaces, including the Steinberg UR12 I recently reviewed –

Want to hear what sort of sounds you can produce with these microphones? Check out some tracks from my album here –

Head on over to for more audio goodness.
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