How to mix a song on your iPhone using GarageBand iOS

How to mix a song on your iPhone using GarageBand iOS

Mixing is the process of taking your recorded song and balancing the volume, and adding effects and EQ, to generate a final “mix” of your track, ready for mastering.

In this video, I show you how I mix tracks right on my iPhone, including:
– Using the FX track as a master volume and EQ track
– Using master reverb and master echo
– Adjusting track effects
– Using EQ to enhance or reduce some frequencies
– Using a compressor to balance the volume on vocals
– Automating volume using volume automation
– And much more!

Watch to the end to take a listen to the current version of the mix after all of these changes.

How to edit songs in GarageBand iOS – 3 tips

How to edit songs in GarageBand iOS – 3 tips

Before you start mixing your songs in GarageBand iPad or GarageBand iPhone, there is one more step that can really improve your workflow and make your mix easier – and that is editing.

Editing is the process of cleaning up your audio tracks, including fixing timing of notes, removing background noise and unneeded parts of tracks and even getting your track volumes normalized to make the mixing process even easier.

In this video I take you through the three tips I use most when editing in GarageBand iOS:
1. Removing noise at the start and end of tracks
2. Using the “merge” function to normalize the volume of tracks
3. Editing the timing of notes

How to “comp” vocals in GarageBand iOS (combine multiple vocal takes)

How to “comp” vocal tracks by combining multiple takes in GarageBand iOS

If, like me, sometimes you find it hard to get one vocal take that you’re completely happy with, then the process of “comping” might be a good option.

A vocal “comp” is made by compiling multiple takes in to one track so you can take the best parts of each take together in to one polished final vocal.

GarageBand does also have a multi-take recording ( option which you can experiment with, however I prefer to use the method I show in this video as I find it simpler.
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