Headphone Jack (USB) for iPhone 7/8/X – Using a USB Sound Card Hub

Turns out that using a USB Sound Card/Hub with a Lightning to USB adapter is a great way to get a standard headphone jack to use with your iPhone 7, 8 or X, as well as any other iPhone or iPad.

In this video I test out a $7 USB Sound Card/Hub using my iPad Air 2 to see how effective it can be to provide a standard 3.5mm/1/8″ jack for any iOS device.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result!

The USB hub allowed me to connect a MIDI keyboard (separately powered) to record keyboard instruments in GarageBand iOS, as well as monitor my audio using the built-in 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

Note: A Lightning to USB adapter is also required to use this device with an iPhone or iPad. More information about this adapter is available here – https://youtu.be/y2BomJoJwXU

Remember that these devices are generic and can differ in quality, therefore the performance and compatibility may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

If you are looking to purchase any of the products mentioned in this video, links are below. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I may be paid a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting the channel.

– Product Links –

Lightning to USB Adapater (Genuine Apple):

Lightning to USB 3 Adapter (Genuine Apple – includes additional lightning port):

USB Hub/Sound Card (Similar model to the one I reviewed):

M-Audio Keystation 49 II (Updated model of my keyboard):


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