Snap to Grid – Turning off “Snap to Grid” in GarageBand iOS (iPad/iPhone)

In this GarageBand for iOS quick tip, I show you how to turn off the (quite hidden) “Snap to Grid” option in GarageBand iOS (iPad or iPhone)

The “Snap to Grid” option is great for ensuring that your editing in GarageBand iOS is accurate and your tracks line up correctly, but sometimes you want a little more control and the ability to place your audio exactly where you want.

To turn off “Snap to Grid” simply zoom in by using the zoom function, which involves touching the screen with two fingers and then separating the two fingers apart. Once the screen is fully zoomed in, do this one more time and “Snap to Grid off” will be displayed. You can now drag any audio items to any position without them aligning with your other tracks or the grid.

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