EQ (Equalizer/Equialization) Explained – Studio Jargon Busters #2

Welcome to episode two of our brand new series here on Studio Live Today where we take a commonly used studio or audio term that it not so commonly understood.

In this episode, Pete tried to explain EQ (Equalization/Equalisation) in plain English but at times it tends to morph in to a language all of his own.

Covered in this video:
1. What is an EQ and why is it used
2. What a volume slider/knob does – no, really (it’s also called gain)
3. What are frequencies and the difference between bass, midrange and treble
4. Using an EQ to balance the frequencies in a song
5. Adjusting bass and treble on instruments and/or recordings
6. Adding EQ to an entire track during mixing and mastering
7. Pete’s piano example to explain freqencies
8. Balancing frequencies in your song using EQ to correct competing frequencies

For more Studio Jargon Busters, go to http://studiolivetoday.com/jargon





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