Final Mix in GarageBand iOS – Mixing (iPhone/iPad) – Complete-a-Song – Episode 14

We are on the homeward stretch! In this video I will do my final mix, based on mix notes from my listening today.

Here’s a look at all the notes I go through:
– Vocals (Lead) – “It’s for the birds” – chorus double is too loud – drop volume
– Lead Guitar – muted notes in verses too loud – automate volume down
– Percussion – too loud in first chorus
– Vocals (Backing) – the “oooh” on the left side pokes out in the second chorus – automate down
– Vocals (Lead) – Push alternate lines to the left and right by about 20% to create a stereo panning effect
– Vocals (Backing – For the Birds) – final “birds” – reduce intensity of the delay and repeats
– Piano – add some reverb to glue in the track
– Vocals (Lead) – still a little too “crispy” – need to tame the treble slightly with EQ, or reduce drive/compression
– Vocals (Lead) – add some reverb (master) to add some texture
– Vocals (Lead) – “Denying every single fact…” line is quieter than other – automate/clip gain up
– Vocals (Lead) – Bridge 1/4 note delay is a little too intense – darken the colour, potentially add some reverb

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