Mixing in GarageBand iOS – Rough Mix (iPhone/iPad) – Complete-a-Song – Episode 13


In this video I pull together a rough static mix of my track “For the Birds” and show some of the mixing decisions that I have made so far.

Covered in this video:
– New track overdubs – lead guitar, lead vocals, percussion
– Balancing volume of tracks
– Editing individual tracks
– Using a vocal double
– Adjusting volume, EQ and effects

Episode 1 is here – https://youtu.be/jLBNkuQaTHY
Episode 2 is here – https://youtu.be/0KXwe4qm4S8
Episode 3 is here – https://youtu.be/BJY4cZvKpcs
Episode 4 is here – https://youtu.be/5y6Ikr_MRbM
Episode 5 is here – https://youtu.be/DcZwah3O4nE
Episode 6 is here – https://youtu.be/lnDQVDoXqnI
Episode 7 is here – https://youtu.be/QdqhX2eK9Rw
Episode 8 is here – https://youtu.be/asWwOu5PpJU
Episode 9 is here – https://youtu.be/MngSXoVVMBY
Episode 10 is here – https://youtu.be/Cv-uf22BGJg
Episode 11 is here – https://youtu.be/0C2rHigBqi4
Episode 12 is here – https://youtu.be/_p_o0i3ThPg

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