Metronome in GarageBand iOS – Setting a Click Track/Metronome (iPhone/iPad) – Quick Jam #2

In the second GarageBand Quick Jam we’re looking at a fundamental component of recording in GarageBand – the Metronome (also called a “click track”)

The metronome controls the tempo or speed of the song, and allows you to hear the beat to ensure you can play or sing in time, and your tracks will sync up perfectly.

Covered in this video:
1. Accessing Metronome and Count-in options
2. Count-in and Visual Count-in
3. Setting the type of sound (Click, Woodblock, Hi-Hat, Rimshot, No sound)
4. Setting the Metronome level (volume) – I recommend setting as low as practical to avoid bleed
5. Adjusting the tempo, using “Tap to set tempo” or manually setting
6. Setting the Time Signature, which is how many beats in each bar (4/4, 3/4, 6/8)

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